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L'Arche Atlanta

L'Arche is an International Federation dedicated to the creation and growth of homes, programs, and support networks with people who have intellectual disabilities. The aim of L’Arche is to create communities which welcome people who have intellectual disabilities. By this means, L’Arche seeks to respond to the distress of those who are too often rejected, and to give them a valid place in society.

L'Arche is a way of life and a model of care that is unique ... adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities share life and friendships in community. In the L'Arche Atlanta community, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (who we call core members) are not clients, patients, or recipients of services. Instead, they are friends, teachers, and companions, who, through daily acts of care, trust, and friendship, develop into ambassadors of compassion and leaders for social change. Read more about L'Arche Atlanta here.

Our Logistics Team - Resurgens Impact Consulting

Founded in 2015, Resurgens Impact Consulting (RIC) is a collaborative of nonprofit experts who work to connect ideas to funding and strengthen nonprofits’ leadership.

Resurgens Impact Consulting works collaboratively to build sustainable and bold outcomes. We value integrity, ingenuity, and intersectional work. Our goal is to help nonprofits create a more just and equitable society. We are fully committed to being responsive to the needs of our clients and the communities they serve. Resurgens Impact Consulting takes an intentional approach to strategy. We value reflection and accountability to the people affected by our work. Read more about Resurgens here.

Our Storytelling Project Director – Irene Turner

Irene is a fearless advocate and believes that art as activism is a potent strategy for change. As the Storytelling Project Director she has guided the Storytelling Project and team to successful completion of 100 stories, a seven-episode podcast series: Hidden Voices (late 2019 release) and a documentary film (late 2019 release). Irene is informed from a background in building strong nonprofit organizations that are valiantly led, financially sustainable and mission-driven. Learn more about Irene here.

Our Storyteller – Shannon M Turner

My first love: storytelling. I met my first love at camp. I picked up on all the stories the counselors told us and parroted them back. I was kind of famous for getting to tell “Herman the Salamander” to Doc McConnell when he came to my school. When I went on to become a camp counselor, I told stories like “Herman” and “The Peach” for many summers to many, many campers.

I first found my way into reality storytelling in February 2010 with the birth of what was then called MothUp Atlanta. MothUp has since morphed into Carapace, a monthly gathering of raconteurs and story connoisseurs. It is, in many ways, my artistic home, but it has also given birth to several other storytelling opportunities for me over the years. Read more about Shannon here.

Our Photographer - Lynsey Weatherspoon

Lynsey is a commercial, portrait and editorial photographer based in both Atlanta and Birmingham. Her client base is the person next door, the startup still in incubation, the established brand or business, and media. Capturing heritage is important to her and evident in such personal projects as portraits of former members of the Negro Baseball League, Ronnie the shoe repairman, the Gullah Geechee culture of the Sea Islands, and Birmingham’s historic Ensley neighborhood.

As a portraitist, Lynsey can see where people sitting for her have come from, and where they are going. Using her experience as a public speaking instructor, Lynsey enjoys helping others face their fears to make presentations and tell their own stories. Read more about Lynsey here.

Our Content Consultant – Beate Sass

Throughout my life I have found it difficult to express myself through words. In my youth I was a cellist and expressed my feelings through music, but always struggled with the technical aspects of playing the instrument. When I discovered photography in my mid-forties, I realized I had found a way to express what I saw and felt in the most natural way.

I am drawn towards visual storytelling and am particularly interested in documenting the history and culture of the southeast region where I live. I am fascinated with the people I meet, their experiences growing up in the South, and their connections to the land. Through my pictures, I strive to capture the essence of those experiences and the context in which they exist. Read more about Beate here.

Writer – Moira Bucciarelli

Moira Bucciarelli is a chaplain and a freelance writer. Currently she’s a chaplain resident at Emory University, where she divides her time between AG Rhodes, an assisted living facility and Emory Rehabilitation Hospital. She enjoys working with elders and with people regaining strength and abilities after experiencing stroke, brain trauma or other life-changing events. She has published articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Religion News Service, Celebration (NCR) and the Georgia Bulletin. She also loves interviewing people for oral histories and documentaries. Read more about Moira here.

Photographer – Haylee Fucini-Lenkey

Haylee Fucini-Lenkey is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and enthusiastic member of Living Melody collective. A BFA graduate from Montclair State University, her work has shown in venues such as the Carriage House Gabarron Foundation, The Bishop Gallery, Soho20 Gallery and across the planet in Savannah, Chicago, Washington DC, Madrid and Nice. In 2013 she was awarded the VSA Excellence of Artistry Award by the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center. She has worked with the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, Plywood People and Deer Bear Wolf. 

Photographer – Kelly Blackmon

Kelly Blackmon is based in Atlanta, and specializes in advertising, corporate, music and travel photography.

Her clients include: Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Woman Magazine, Allied Health Recourses, Bank of America, Bob Steele Salon, Georgia Asian Times, HBO GO, The International School, LaZboy Furniture Galleries, Lexis Nexis, MARTA, Shade Magazine, The Reynolds Group, UPS, Lenz Marketing, Wonderroot. Read more about Kelly here.

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