Treasure Maps:
The Georgia Storytelling Roadshow 2021

Treasure Maps is a pop-up, interactive, drive-in theatre! The Treasure Maps drive-in show will include live-local hosts, installations, and safe interactive activities. The roadshow feature is the film screening of Treasure Maps on the big screen. Treasure Maps showcases a collection of 10 Georgia Storytellers’ Life Maps which provide an up-close and personal viewpoint into what it's like navigating the complex webs of life in our communities as a person with a developmental disability.

The show will tour six cities across the state of Georgia in late June and early July.

  • Dahlonega
  • Athens
  • Savannah
  • Macon
  • Columbus
  • Atlanta

Announcing the Storytellers in Treasure Maps:
A Georgia Storytelling Roadshow!

About Treasure Maps:

Treasure Maps: The Georgia Storytelling Roadshow 2021 is a series of drive-in performances held in six target cities across Georgia and showcasing the story performances of 10 people from across the state with developmental disabilities. Being responsive to the social activities and safety of the general public, this project aims to engage with people in an interactive and in-person way while upholding standard social distancing practices.

Shannon M. Turner, creative director of the project, says “We want to provide a virtual stage for the important stories of people with developmental disabilities, inviting their stories in from the margins to the center of our communities. But an equally important component is to provide education and advocacy to the general population and legislators around the Medicaid waiver, a vital funding structure which supports the lives of people with developmental disabilities so they can live independently.”

Each show will be produced in collaboration with local community members and will be co-hosted by a storyteller (the “Show Marshal”); a local community member; and a Treasure Maps team member. The show will run approximately an hour and a half and will include interaction with the co-hosts and an invitation to direct advocacy action.

Local Teams: Involvement of local community members is integral to the success of the show. At project start, the Storytelling Team will conduct outreach activities to the six communities and identify/recruit individuals who will make up the local community members committee. These individuals will serve the purpose of locally legitimizing each show as well as providing knowledge of best local venues, potential partner organizations, and using their local networks for show promotion. They will also be responsible for securing match services including a photographer and headsets for the show. Additionally, one local community member will be a co-host at the show.

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