The GCDD Storytelling Project

In 2018 and 2019, the Georgia Council of Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) teamed up with talented writers and photographers who set out across the state to collect some great stories about people with developmental disabilities. The Storytelling Project was born.

Since 2018 we have collected 100 stories for our Telling Our Stories project (click here to view those stories), created the first season of our Hidden Voices podcast, and shot a short documentary film 6,000 Waiting (now available for screening). The year 2020 was quite different for Georgia, from social distancing to ‘back open,’ the residents of Georgia with and without disabilities have adjusted their lives to new social rules. The Storytelling Project responded with season two of the podcast Hidden Voices focusing on the experience of social distancing. And also with our Over the Wire video project, a collecting of stories virtually and dispersed virtually. In 2021 we are introducing Treasure Maps: The Georgia Storytelling Roadshow, a pop-up, interactive, drive-in theatre production.

Treasure Maps: Macon

Treasure Maps: Macon, the newest iteration of The Storytelling Project, a partnership between the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, L’Arche Atlanta, and StoryMuse, will return to Macon this fall. Be a part of the fun here.

6,000 Waiting
Documentary Film

Premiering January 2021, the film follows three Georgians with developmental disabilities as they navigate Georgia’s daunting Medicaid waiver system. Find out more about the film here.

Over the Wire
Video Collection

GCDD would love you to send us a recording of yourself telling your story. The video submissions will be turned into short (30 second) social media clips. Find out how to submit your video here.

Hidden Voices

GCDD created a 7-episode podcast, called Hidden Voices, spotlighting the stories of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Click here to listen to those podcasts.

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